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Used Textile Machineries

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Gomitex Reconditioned Textile Machinery

From the most complete carding assortment to the individual winding machine, Gomitex has been supplying textile companies around the world since 1979 with the machinery they need for their production cycle, whether for carded or worsted spinning processes.

Textile machines reconditioned by Gomitex are also always updated with the latest electronic, computer and automation technologies.

Carding and Combing Assortments

Carding, a fundamental process in the textile cycle... From tangled fibers to a compact, delicate woolen veil.

Carding Assortments

Animal, vegetal or artificial fibers? In all three cases carding aims to untangle the fibers to make them parallel and rid them of impurities. A fundamental process in the textile fiber processing cycle that may, depending on the case, need multiple processing cycles. For this reason there are 3 or 4 groups carding assortments. In both cases Gomitex will be able to suggest you, finding together with you the most suitable solution for your production needs.

Combing Assortments

Harmony and order are the two main characteristics that textile fibers must take on in order to achieve a quality yarn. After carding, the next step in the spinning processing cycle is combing or also called paralleling. Through this very process, the fibers are harmonized by eliminating those that are too short and ordered in the same direction. This step is applied to the carded ribbon, whether wool or cotton. Gomitex again has the right solution for your needs.

Cashmere Textile Assortments

In the long textile tradition of Biella, a prestigious role has for decades been played by Cashmere, the noblest of woolen fibers that can be found in nature. The textile machinery that purifies and parallels this valuable fiber starting from the staple to the yarn and finally reaching the fabric, they must also meet criteria of excellence, both from a mechanical and electronic point of view. Gomitex know-how is also at your service for Cachemire processing!

Over 40 years of experience on reconditioned textile machinery is the quality guarantee your company is looking for!

Are you looking for the right solution for your textile company? Since 1979 our experience is at your disposal!

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